The RKB Bearing Industries Group is the Swiss Premium Class Bearing Manufacturing organization which has been operating in the bearing industry since 1936, with a monthly production capacity exceeding 350 tons of machined steel.

The experience gained over the years provides RKB with the know-how and expertise necessary for the development and manufacture of technological industrial bearings up to 1925 mm outer diameter. RKB offers reliable cost-effective solutions, with extreme operational flexibility, leading-edge service, huge stock availability, short delivery time and the typical quality of a consistent premium-class bearing source. With a worldwide distribution network and exports to more than 50 countries, RKB is globally recognized as "The Alternative Power" in the bearing industry.

Our company name “RKB” puts together the roots of our history and the internationality of our vision. In fact, the acronym “RKB” stands for “Roulement”, “Kugellager”, and “Bearing”. Roulement and Kugellager, respectively the French and German expressions for the English word “bearing”, have been chosen because we are the Swiss rolling bearing manufacturer, and in our country French and German represent the two main idioms. Then we have decided to complete our company name with the term “bearing”, because English, the most popular language in international relations, well emphasizes the world-class vision and the full-scale global presence of our Group.

Powerline, Inc. represents RKB in the sales and service of Bearing Manufacturing.

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