Renold Gears & Couplings is a well established, engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of drive components - gear tooth, resilient and soft-start couplings, spindles, universal joints, sprag clutches, hold-backs, precision worm gears and gear reducers - for primarily the steel, aluminum, paper, power, marine, waste water and mining industries.

Renold Gears & Couplings is the leading supplier of drive components that require modern technology such as higher speeds, precision, interchange-ability, high durability, longer life and continuous oil lubrication systems.

Renold Gears & Couplings is capable of designing and manufacturing a coupling, spindle, universal joint, precision worm gear set or a custom gear box to suit your needs utilizing your drawings or worn and damaged samples through reverse engineering.

Renold Gears & Couplings has developed a spindle maintenance program that includes repair of your damaged or worn spindles, our maintaining inventory of your critical parts and a detailed dimensional tracking program for each component of the spindle assembly. Renold Couplings & Gears is also capable of duplicating or upgrading your existing couplings, spindles and universal joints. We also guarantee interchange-ability of components between Renold components and other manufacturer's parts, if required.

Powerline, Inc. represents Renold Torque Transmission in the sales and service of Couplings, Gears & Gear Reducers.

We would appreciate any opportunity to provide technical support and quotations for your power transmission requirements.

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