ITT - Enidine, Inc. designs and manufactures energy absorption and vibration isolation products. Jarret Elastomeric Springs, Jarret Shock Absorbers, dampers, gas and air springs plus various types of vibration isolation systems including wire rope isolators are designed and manufactured by ITT - Enidine.

Jarret Shock Absorbers are designed and constructed using the technique of the hydrostatic compression and shear characteristics of a specially formulated elastomer. They are compact, highly efficient and are of simple construction - only one moving part and only one dynamic seal - automatic stroke return without the need for pneumatic or spring return aids and without recoil.

Jarret Elastomeric Springs utilize the compressibility characteristics of specially formulated elastomers to overcome many of the limitations of standard springs. They are very reliable and because they use a highly viscous elastomer - no oil to leak. They can also be custom designed to meet specific requirements, including, working in tension or compression, incorporating tension and compression characteristics in one unit and incorporating energy storage and energy dissipation features in one unit.

Enidine, with the newest innovations in energy absorption technology, offers the widest selection of industrial shock absorbers in the world. Enidine was acquired by the ITT Corporation in 2007 and is part of the motion and flow segment of ITT.

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