Falk PLI is a modern, technologically advanced, engineering, surveying and consulting company and is considered the foremost leader of dimensional verification of industrial process equipment.

Falk PLI, through the use of Laser Tracking and Laser Scanning technologies, is able to measure millions of data points per minute and translate complex data into useful information through the use of 3 D modeling. Our goal is to help our clients drive process improvements, improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime and costs.

Laser Scanning is one of the newest technologies available and allows measurements to be taken on objects with little or no physical contact, as well as the ability to capture data in mass quantities and at a denser quantity than conventional surveying methods. The laser scanner measures millions of individual points at a high rate of speed and then joins these points into Point Clouds. Each point in the cloud has 3D (X,Y,Z) coordinates with accuracy within 1/8 inch.

Laser Tracking is the most advanced technology available to help clients resolve alignment issues. The laser tracker allows 3D (X,Y,Z) measurements to be taken on objects more quickly and accurately than any other portable CMM technology. Measurements are provided at up to 10,000 observations per second, yielding excellent statistical redundancy and repeatability. Accuracy is within .001 inches.

Falk PLI has developed the software and capability to collect and process huge amounts of data in the field and then compare measurements to embedded CAD drawings of the equipment. Our expertise with this technology has helped our clients with:

  • Equipment Alignment and Calibration
  • Fabricated Parts Inspection
  • Verification of As-built Condition
  • Piping Fabrication and Design
  • Equipment Installation, Modifications and Design

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