Albco Foundry and Machine Company is a very modern foundry and machine shop. We can supply your complete nonferrous, green sand, foundry requirements in Brass, Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze, and High Conductivity Copper along with many other alloys.

Castings range in size from a fraction of a pound to 2,400 pounds in Brass and Bronze; 250 pounds in Aluminum and to 500 pounds in Zinc alloy castings. Quantities are single castings to long production runs. Patterns are produced in wood, metal, plastic or foam and are either mounted or loose. Our pattern services include repair, modifications and new fabrication. Secure, dry warehousing is available to store your valuable pattern equipment.

Our modern and complete machine shop is capable of machining our castings to very tight tolerances in sizes up to 50” maximum outside diameter, 252" in length. Turnings are re-melted and any potential defects are discovered before shipping, resulting in very substantial savings for our customers. Finished parts are provided with single source responsibility thus eliminating machining scrap/defect costs and replacement delays.

Powerline, Inc. represents Albco Foundry in the sales and service of Brass & Bronze Castings.

We would appreciate any opportunity to provide quotations for your castings and machining requirements.

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Dan Kloos

Albco Foundry & Machine Company
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